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Access Levels for Census of Population/Census of Agriculture: About

The general public can access many Census products and tables, directly through the Statistics Canada Census web site. This is classified as Level 1 Access, and it generally provides access to information for larger levels of geography, such as Canada, provinces, territories, and Census Metropolitan Areas.

Libraries that are registered with the Depository Services Program (DSP), such as the University of Lethbridge Library, provide enhanced access to Census information, still through the Census web site, but restricted by IP range. This enhanced or Level 2 Access includes more complex tables, and more detailed levels of geography, such as Census subdivision and Census tracts. Level 2 Access is open to the general public, who may access this data while they are within the University of Lethbridge Library. Current faculty, students and staff may also access this level 2 data remotely, by going through the Libraries’ proxy server.

Level 3 Access is restricted to current faculty, students and staff to use for non-commercial purposes, through the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) program and must be requested by sending an email to This Level 3 Access provides access to Census information for the smallest level of Census geography, Dissemination Areas. It also provides access to the Census boundary and cartographic files, for use with a GIS system, allowing researchers to create thematic maps of Census variables as well as access to Census public use microdata files.

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