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ECON 2850 — Economics of Gender & Work: Statistics & Aggregate Data

A guide to help point you to the most helpful resources for finding statistics on gender and labour in Canada

Alberta Statistics

Alberta Data Visualizations

Canadian Federal Government Stats

Finding Canadian Statistics

CANSIM - Canadian Time Series Aggregate Data [Statistics Canada]

Use CANSIM to view time series tables on a wide variety of socio-economic topics. Tables can be altered by adding/removing different data dimensions (e.g., geography, sex, age group). Data in tables can be downloaded as Excel-compatible CSV files.

Census of Population (Canada) & National Household Survey (NHS) [Statistics Canada]

If you're unsure of where to begin, start by reviewing Which census product should I use? [SFU Library].

U.S. Federal Government Statistics

About Statistics

Statistics are the numeric facts and figures which have been created from the data. These can take the form of e-publications, e-tables or databases.

Statistical information can be described as the added value arising from the interpretation of statistics or data.  This information will often be in the form of some sort of analysis.

About Aggregate Data

Aggregate data are statistics organized into a data structure or database based on tabulations organized by geography, time or social observations.

International Statistics