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3) Find Books & E-Books: Find a Book in the Library Catalogue

A University of Lethbridge Library guide to finding books and e-books.

What is the Library Catalogue?

The library catalogue is an index of items in the University of Lethbridge Library. Each catalogue record provides basic information about a single item, including its title, author, publisher, date of publication, physical description, and call number. Records for both books and e-books can be found by searching the library catalogue.

You can access the library catalogue online from the library's homepage.

The default search box displayed on the homepage is the library's Summon search. While Summon can be used to find books, it searches journal articles, conference proceedings, theses, and other resources as well. If you're interested specifically in books, it is easiest to search the catalogue.

Find a Book in the Catalogue

  • For instructions on how to perform a basic search of the catalogue, see the basic search page.
  • To learn about more advanced search techniques, see the advanced search page.
  • For information on how to read a catalogue record, including where to look for a book's call number, see the read a catalogue record page.

Video – Searching the Catalogue

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