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3) Find Books & E-Books: Find a Book on the Shelf

A University of Lethbridge Library guide to finding books and e-books.

Find a Print Book in the Library

Before looking for a print book in the library, ensure that you have the book's location code and call number. For instructions on how to find these in the online library catalogue, see the Find a Book in the Library Catalogue section of this guide.

Having recorded a book's location code and call number, the first step in finding a print book is to determine the collection in which the book is held. This information is provided in the location code. Most items in the University of Lethbridge Library are housed in the Main Collection (Levels 9 & 10). Other collections are located on one of the three floors of the library or in remote storage. For more information on location codes and collection locations, see the Location Codes page.

When you have identified and found the collection in which the book you are looking for is held, use its call number to find where the book is shelved within the collection. For information on how to read a call number, see the Call Numbers page.

When you have found your book(s), proceed to the Library Services Desk on Level 10 to check out your item(s). You may check them out yourself using our self-check station, or one of our friendly staff can check them out for you. For information on borrowing privileges and loan periods, see our Borrowing Guidelines page.

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