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History: Dictionaries

A researcher's guide to History resources at the University of Lethbridge Library.

General/Topic Specific Dictionaries

General dictionaries are resources that list words and provide their meaning or list words and give the equivalent word in a different language. This is an example of a regular English language dictionary. Click the link to see how it appears in the library's catalogue.

Concise Oxford English Dictionary 

UofL Reference Collection PE 1628 C68 2004 


The University of Lethbridge also has access to the Oxford English Dictionary Online. This is an historical English Language dictionary that defines 6 000 000 words used today and in times gone by. Click the link to access this resource.

Oxford English Dictionary Online (OED)


Topic specific dictionaries are resources in the same format as general dictionaries, but they are for one specific topic only. They will help you determine appropriate search terms for research. For example:

The Hutchinson dictionary of world history

UofL Reference Collection D 20 H87 1993

This dictionary of world history is 699 pages and is organized alphabetically. Its entries are about events, historical figures, geographical areas, and civilizations. Many entries have cross references that direct readers to other pages that relate to an entry. This dictionary includes maps.

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Electronic Reference Sources

A selection of ebook dictionaries