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MGT 3205 — Sports Marketing: Industry Overview & Analysis

Selected resources to help with finding resources for MGT 3205

Industry Classification Codes

Industrial classification systems classify economic activities in countries and regions. There are several different classification systems applied to industries and products, and different information sources will use different classification systems to define industries and compile statistics about it.

In North America, the most common systems are Standard Industrial Classification, which has a US version and a Canadian version, and North American Industrial Classification System which also has some variations for Canadian application. In Canada and the US, the NAICS has succeeded the SIC, but the SIC is in use in other countries (for example, the UK)

Classification manuals provide a description of the industry/products for each classification number. This can be helpful in finding information in various sources that use the classification systems for compiling and publishing industry data. You can find industry classification manuals in the Library Catalogue by doing a Keyword search for industries and classification in the Subject field.

The Federal Reserve economist Alison Weingarden has created a crosswalk/conversion file to go between GICS and NAICS -- see

Then the researcher can go from NAICS to ISIC. See for example –

It seems there are no conversion charts that go directly from GICS to ISIC, but use the above workaround.

Industry Analysis Databases

There are several commercial services which provide analysis of industry; some cover all industries and some a sub-set of all industries.