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Economics 2850 - Economics of Gender & Work: Help & Citing

A guide to help point you to the most helpful resources for finding statistics on gender and labour in Canada

Help with APA/MLA/Chicago Styles

Help Using Beyond 20/20 Software

Beyond 20/20 is a software tool used to access and view data from different perspectives; pivoting and nesting capabilities make it easy to switch dimensions and show more than one dimension along rows and columns.

Files having the extension ".ivt" (or ".ivt") at the end of the file name can be view using the Beyond 20/20 browser. Statistics Canada data sets distributed via the Data Liberation Initiative sometimes use this format. Statistics Canada also provides a Beyond 20/20 Web Data Server (WDS) which allows their files to be viewed without installing the Beyond 20/20 software.

Help Citing Numeric Data & Statistics

SPSS Software on Campus

SPSS software (IBM SPSS Statistics 24) is installed on computer lab computers throughout campus. These computers are accessible during regular computer lab hours.

See also: How do I download data and import into SPSS using the SDS interface? [CHASS Data Centre]

Resources for Understanding Numeric Data