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Professional Semester I Currlab Sessions: Overview

An introduction to the range of sources you will see recommended to support lesson planning. These sources and more will be listed under specific grades and subjects in our Online Subject Guides.

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AB. Education Programs of Study

Prefer Print? We have print copies of the Programs of Study.

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AB. Ed. Program Supports


Most Programs of Study have additional Support Documents to help Teachers interpret and implement the Programs of Study. You will want to be especially familiar with: Language Arts Illustrative Examples, Mathematics Achievement Indicators, PE Guide to Implementation, Health Guide to Implementation, FSL Guide to Implementation. Access through Currlab Subject Guides

First Nations, Métis and Inuit Perspectives

Pink Password Sheet: Currlab Subscriptions

Our subscriptions allow you to explore a variety of licensed resources while you are an Education student at U of L. Access is limited to current Ed. students. School Districts license resources for their teachers and students, though the specific resources will vary by district. Some of the CurrLab Digital resources you might find useful in PS I:

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Borrowing from Currlab: Avoid Fines

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  • 6 week Loan (3 weeks for Alumni)
  • Late Fines are $.50 per day per item.
  • renewals, subject to recall (1 for Alumni)

Return Directly to U Library (level 10), NOT to other Libraries

  • Currlab Items are NOT part of TAL
  • You are responsible for any damage or replacement/processing fees on items you borrow.
  • Plan around Distance placements; you are still responsible for all items and due dates.
  • Contact the Currlab Circulation Manager (L1170D) with Questions: Gitte Villiger (403) 329-2288 or villiger@
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Authorized Resources: Basic Resources are Listed on our Online Subject Guides

Alberta Education reviews resources for criteria including curriculum match and respect for diversity. Teachers and districts make professional decisions about what resources to use, and the use of authorized resources is not required. You should be familiar with the basic authorized textbooks for any subject you teach. There are three levels of authorization:

  • Basic: Comprehensive resource that addresses the majority of outcomes for the course (ie. textbook/program)
  • Support: Addresses a specific area of the course
  • Teaching: Teacher Guides for Texts and Support resources for specific topics.  


Quality digital resources accessible to all Alberta students, parents and schools. U of L login provided in PS 1. A new version is currently under development. Resources are reviewed by Alberta Ed.

LearnAlberta's Online Reference Centre (ORC)

(Gr. K-3) Great place for literature titles and sample lessons. Interactive fiction and non-fiction books paired by themes. Look for  to access lessons and teacher resources.
(Gr. 3-6) Videos and interactive non-fiction books. Includes articles, project ideas, quizzes and web links.
(Gr. K-3) Social Studies, Science, Animals. Fun and interactive. Great for inquiry, enrichment, and self-directed exploration.
(Gr. 3-6) Text, images, videos and human read-aloud options. POS matches include Rocks & Minerals (Gr. 3), Plant Growth & Changes (Gr. 4), Electricity & Magnetism (Gr. 5), Evidence & Investigation (Gr. 6), and more.

(Gr. 1-6) Factual articles, videos, web links, games, listen feature, and a list of science experiments. POS Matches include: food chains and food webs; habitats and ecosystems; human body; life cycles (Gr. 3); and plants (Gr. 4). 
(Gr 1-6) POS Matches include: atoms and molecules; elements and periodic table; energy and matter; force and motion; and temperature and measurement. 
(Gr. 1 -6) POS matches include: ecosystems and biomes; energy and matter; landforms; natural disasters; rocks and minerals (Gr. 3); space (Gr. 6); water; and weather and climate (Gr. 5)
(Gr. K-2) interactive eBooks, literacy games, multi-topic videos, nursery rhymes, and songs.
(K-6) Second language learning with fun and interactive lessons. Includes: British English, American English, Spanish, Spanish (LatAm), French, Chinese Pinyin, Italian, German, and Korean.
(K-12) 3 Different ages levels, more than 141 000 encyclopedia articles on a wide array of topics, educational videos, images, magazine articles, learning games, and more. Read-aloud and translation options. 
 (K-12) Over 3 000 000 copyright-friendly images.

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