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VP Academic Letter

November 1 , 2010


To:  Members of the University Community
From:  Andrew Hakin, Vice-President (Academic) & Provost
Re:  Information on Copyright Changes for all Faculty and Staff

The University of Lethbridge licence with Access Copyright expires on December 31, 2010, and due to changes initiated by Access Copyright, it will not be renewed. Copyrighted materials covered by the Access license may still be used in coursepacks and as classroom handouts for the Spring 2011 semester, provided that they are submitted by November 8, 2010 and printed before December 24, 2010. Effective January 1, 2011, instructors will no longer be able to print classroom handouts or existing coursepacks created under the terms of the previous licence with Access Copyright.

Access Copyright is the collective that administers the rights of publishers and other stakeholders in the production of course packs and classroom handouts. Their proposed new tariff agreement would increase costs from $3.38 to $45 per student and extends their terms to include administering rights connected with our learning management system - requiring that they have access to our institutional servers. In addition, some elements of our agreement have become redundant over time; some licensing arrangements that the library now pays for digital content, such as full text articles, include the rights for course pack and learning management system use. There is no change to the current copyright legislation that allows, under Fair Dealing, the right to use single copies of material for "research and private study."

The AUCC Board of Directors met in June to approve a challenge to the proposed tariff for postsecondary copying.

Instructors must be prepared to supply alternative course materials and may:

  1. Use electronic resources licensed for course packs and learning management systems through the library
  2. Place material on library reserve
  3. Use open educational resources published under open access and/or Creative Commons.
  4. Submit course packs early so that copyright permission may be sought directly from the author
  5. Adopt a textbook

Additional information is available at

I thank you all in advance for your cooperation in this new process. Andrew W. Hakin

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