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Shakespeare: ELA Grades 10-12

"Resources, Resources, Where Art Thou Resources?" Look no further Ms/Mr. Capulet, these resources are the east and you are the sun

Who Made This Guide?


I am Sayde Evahnenko, a Spring 2018 graduate of the University of Lethbridge (Bachelor of Education (English Language Arts) and Bachelor of Arts (English)).  I have three siblings which include: two sisters and a brother; we are all very close in age and are each other's best friends. My favorite way to spend my free time is with my dog, Phyllis, at the dog park. 

In 2018, during my last semester at the U of L, I became one of Beth Cormier's first curriculum research assistants, working with her to put together guides such as this one and the K-6 Science Literature guides. Please give Beth any feedback you have about this guide or in general about the website. I hope my hard work here is helpful for students and present teachers and continues to evolve over the years. 

Twitter: @MrsEvahnenko