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French as a Second Language (FSL): General Resources



Faculty of Education Curriculum Laboratory
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AB. Ed. FSL Programs of Study (9 yr)

AB. Ed. Program Supports (9 yr)

Guide to Implementation Provides Sample Lessons and Other Supports.

AB. Ed. FSL Programs of Study (3 yr)

AB. Ed. Program Supports (3 yr)

Teacher Resources Guides and Curriculum Guides provide support and examples.

Professional Learning

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Authorized Resources


Quality digital resources accessible to all Alberta students, parents and schools. U of L login provided in PS 1.

Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortiums

Curriculum Lab Subscriptions

LearnAlberta Online Reference Centre (ORC)

Use this directory to find French recreational, cultural, and educational activities in the province that complement the Alberta programs of studies.
Use this language learning program to learn a second language in an interactive way. Each lesson is presented by theme and includes video clips, exercises and games. The languages included are British English, American English, Spanish, Spanish (LatAm), French, Chinese Pinyin, Italian, German, and Korean.



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Other Lesson Material

French Bookstores

Onomatopoeias in French!