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Mathology: Grade 1


You can request (or search for by Call #) each of the sets listed below. The Little Books Packs introduce mathematical concepts through original and engaging stories. A Teacher Guide helps you design a lesson using the little books. There is a URL for a projectable book on the back of each Teacher Guide. The activity Cards are designed to help students practice math concepts. Note: Mathology is included in the 2022 K-3 Curriculum resources recommended in NewLearnALberta. You will need to find the KUSPS and outcome that best align.

Number: Activity Cards

Number: Little Books

Patterning and Algebra: Activity Cards

Patterning and Algebra: Little Books

Measurement: Activity Cards

Measurement: Little Books

Geometry: Activity Cards

Geometry: Little Books

Data Management and Probability: Activity Cards

Data Management and Probability, Little Books