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Physical Education

Alberta Education Curriculum Materials

 Programs of study outline what Alberta Teachers are required to teach. Introductory materials frames the outcomes

 Program Supports are updated regularly and help teachers interpret the Programs of Study

Daily Physical Activity (DPA)

The DPA initiative states that schools must ensure grades 1 to 9 are physically active for a minimum of 30 minutes daily through activities that are organized by the school.

Authorized Resources

Authorized Resources: AB Education reviews and recommends 2-4 comprehensive programs per subject/grade

 Authorized Resources Database is searchable, and includes Basic resources (Textbooks/programs), Support resources, and Teaching  resources.

All basic programs by grade are listed in grade-level tabs at left. Schools typically purchase at least one program. Teachers can draw on multiple programs or can choose to evaluate and use other materials as needed.


Other Lesson Material

Canadian Sport Organizations with Lesson Support

Professional Learning