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Ed. 2500: Educational Issues

Suggested materials for Education 2500 course

About This Page

As you start to explore issues and trends in Education, you will find it useful to browse reliable professional websites and publications (see the list in the left column).  However, as you develop specific questions you will want to do more focused research. The Library databases contain thousands of  subscriptions from academic, professional and popular (news-oriented/magazines) sources. The tutorial video and links below will help you find articles on specific topics. If all you use is Jstor or Google Scholar, it is time to start searching some subject-specific resources!


Professional Journals: Great for Browsing!

Links to Professional Websites

ATA Publications

Alberta Education


University Library's List of Recommended Databases by Subject

Video Tutorial: Tips for Searching the Databases

Professional Development Ebook Collection

Current Topics in Education

The broad topics and links below (and to the right) are provided as a starting place to help you start thinking about specific questions and areas of inquiry within the very broad context of educational issues. Use them as a springboard to your own ideas, and to spark further questions for exploration.

Recommended Databases: Search for Articles by Topic

APA Format: In-Text Citations and Reference List

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