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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: Articles

A University of Lethbridge Library guide to resources related to business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Searching for articles about a company can illuminate the research or reporting done by others on their sustainability practices. Check newspapers, trade publications, and research articles for the company name paired with some keywords around social responsibility, ethics, and/or sustainability. You never know what you might find! Be sure to also search within the Company and Industry help guide which will give you financial, competitive, and other pertinent information about your company/industry.

Finding Journal Articles

Journal articles contain more up-to-date research than books, and are a great way to supplement your research. The U of L Library subscribes to many indexes and databases which allow you to search by keyword, subject, and many more fields (ie. company; product; geography; person) to find articles on your topic. These tools provide not only the citation for the articles, but usually also abstracts (a summary of what the article is about) and often link you to the full text of the article. If the full text isn't available either from the database in which you found the citation or by clicking the 'find full text' button, you can request the article via interlibrary loan. Remember that if your subject is somewhat multidisciplinary, databases from other subject areas may help. Database search tips

Database Searching

Library databases for trade, news, and research articles

These are a few places to get you started, but we have many more business-related databases listed under 'databases by subject' including many general business databases. Sustainability is often included in a more general corporate responsibility report so try searching {sustainability OR "corporate responsibility" [company name]} - and if you get too many hits, even "sustainability report" OR "corporate responsibility report" [company name]. 

Websites with articles & company information on sustainability & ethics

There are several 'free' internet sites which are concerned with business ethics and corporate social responsibility. 

Some good sites to check out for articles and reports are listed below; further down are searchable databases if you are looking for information on a particular company or industry.