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Library Instruction/Tours

Research Help Desk
Classroom Assistance
General Library Tours
Library Credit Courses

Research Help Desk

The Research Help Desk is the centre of drop-in library instruction. Throughout the year the Research Assistance staff answer thousands of student, faculty, staff and public questions. We also teach anyone who is interested in learning how to be self-reliant in the library. Staff will help students with all aspects of research - everything from learning how to choose and use an electronic index to find information on how to properly construct reference lists and bibliographies. You can Ask Us a question via IM, email, in person/phone or text message.

Classroom Assistance

Library research assignments
Subject librarians will assist faculty in designing library research projects that make the best use of the Library's resources. Please consider contacting us as you prepare your assignments.

Classroom instruction/library tours
Subject librarians will come into the classroom and provide instruction on library research, gearing their presentation specifically to your course. As well, they will conduct library tours to help students locate information on their specific topics. Fill out the Library Instruction Request form or contact the appropriate subject librarian.

General Library Tours

In September and January students are encouraged to sign up for a general library tour. We emphasize the services we offer, point out the location of basic services and provide some basic information on how to use the library.

Off-campus groups may request a general library tour by completing the General Library Tour Request form. For those who can't make it for a physical tour, we offer a Virtual Library Tour where people can peruse the library at their leisure.

Library Credit Courses

Library Science 2000: Library Research & Information Literacy
This course introduces students in all disciplines to the conceptual framework of information literacy, and teaches the skills needed to identify information needs and to effectively access, and use and evaluate information sources to fill those needs.

Library Science (LBSC) 2000 is available for all students who wish to develop efficient and effective information seeking skills.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, you can access the course syllabus by going to the class index.

Education 4950: Researching Educational Resources
This course targets incoming graduate students in the U of L's Master of Education program. Students become familiar with the literature in the field of education and gain the conceptual framework and information-seeking skills necessary to effectively define, access, retrieve and evaluate their information needs.

Library Science 0500: Information Literacy for the First Nations Transitions Program
Students learn how to define their information needs, develop effective research strategies, use various types of information tools effectively, critically evaluate the information and apply the information appropriately.

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