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Media Services

The Library provides access to audiovisual equipment and services to support the academic programs of the University of Lethbridge.

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Booking Audiovisual Equipment and Software
Equipment for Special Events
Circulation of Audiovisual Software and Equipment
Circulation of Audiovisual Equipment
Available Audiovisual Equipment
Circulation of Audiovisual Software
Classroom Equipment
Media Listening & Viewing Stations
Course Reserves
AV Equipment Supplies
Multimedia Workstations
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Booking Audio-visual Equipment and Software

AV BOOKING: 403-329-2265

You may book multimedia software and equipment by:

  • Self-booking in Summon  [More information]
  • Asking the Library Services Desk staff to book for you (403-329-2265)

All audio-visual equipment and software, including pre-booked items, must be picked up from and returned to the General Services Desk.

For high-use loan items, bookings not picked up by the agreed upon "pickup time" will be held for an additional 30 minutes before being released to the next borrower. Please be prompt about picking up your booked items.

Alternately, if you arrive more than 30 minutes prior to booking time, then original booking's due date/time may not be honoured and standard borrowing rules applied.

If you need adjustments to your bookings or have special considerations, please contact AV Booking.

You may check the bookings that you have made by accessing at Your Library Record.

NOTE: Back-to-back bookings of equipment, especially high-use equipment, by an individual, is not allowed. Additionally, multiple simultaneous bookings on a single equipment type, by an individual, may not be honoured unless preauthorized. This is done to ensure fair access to the equipment by all members of the University Community.

Equipment for Special Events

Audio/Visual Production for Special Events can be booked by contacting University Advancement, Communications. Please contact:

Calvin Toth
Manager, AV & Classroom Support

Circulation of Audio-visual Equipment and Software

The circulation loan periods for audio-visual equipment and software are outlined below. Materials not returned to the General Services Desk by the date/time due will be subject to fines.

Please return the equipment and software on time so the next person who has booked the material is not disadvantaged. If you lose your due slip and forget the due date/time, you can check Your Library Record.

Please remember to bring your Campus ID Card when picking up equipment or audio-visual software.

Circulation of Audio-visual Equipment

Audio-visual equipment circulates on an hourly or daily loan depending on the level of demand and the number of pieces.

Hourly loans for audio-visual equipment have the following parameters:

  • there are no renewals
  • there is no grace period
  • late returns are subject to a fine of $1/hour/item effective immediately upon the material becoming overdue
  • borrowers are responsible for the repair or replacement cost of lost or damaged equipment borrowed under their name. Charges will include the cost of the item and the Library's cost in replacing or repairing it.
  • bookings are highly recommended.

Daily loans for audio-visual equipment have the following parameters:

  • there is one renewal of 7 days allowed
  • there is no grace period
  • Late returns are subject to a fine of $1/day/item retroactive to the date the equipment was due to be returned
  • borrowers are responsible for the repair or replacement cost of lost or damaged equipment borrowed under their name. This includes the cost of the item and the Library's cost in replacing or repairing it.
  • bookings are recommended but not required.

Available Audio-visual Equipment

[Click here for a list of equipment.]

... on an hourly loan to a maximum of 4 hours (no overnight) for students and 48 hours for faculty and staff:

  • laptop computers (PC and Mac platforms)
  • portable stereo systems (both cassette tape and compact disc)

... on an hourly loan to a maximum of 24 hours for students and 96 hours for faculty and staff:

  • digital still cameras
  • portable VHS/DVD player
  • overhead projectors (portable)
  • opaque projectors
  • stereo system (on a cart)
  • portable screens (tripod, front projection)

... on daily loan:

  • classroom systems (VHS or DVD/Blu-ray with monitor)
  • overhead projectors (regular)
  • digital audio recorders
  • 35mm slide projectors (and accessories)

Circulation of Audio-visual Software

Audio-visual software, with the exception of sound recordings, circulates on a daily basis as follows:

  • there is one renewal of 7 days allowed
  • items returned late are subject to a fine of $1/day/item
  • bookings are recommended
  • if you are using a particular piece of audio-visual software in your class, placing the item on reserve is recommended.

Sound recordings (CDs and LPs) must be used in the Library to ensure access to all students. Only Faculty are allowed to borrow sound recordings for the purposes of course preparation.

Classroom Equipment

Most of the classrooms on campus are equipped with VHS-VCR and projection equipment (i.e., monitor or video/data projector).

Questions regarding the installed base of classroom equipment or its use should be directed to Solutions Centre Help Desk at 403-329-2490.

Responsibility for the design and support of classroom infrastructure resides with Facilities. If you have suggestions for the improvement of classroom space, you are invited to contact Facilities - Executive Director's Office, 403-329-2604.

Media Listening & Viewing Stations

Listening and viewing stations are available on Level 10 of the Library.  These facilities permit you to review the popular audiovisual formats of DVD/Blueray video, VHS video, CD-audio, and audio cassettes.

Listening and viewing facilities are available on a "first come, first served" basis.  For more information, ask at the General Services Desk on Level 10 (403-329-2265).

Course Reserves

Faculty: If there is a particular video, film, sound recording, etc. which you require your class to access, we recommend you place it on Reserve. This will ensure more equitable access to all of your students.

Please refer to our Guidelines for Placing Materials on Reserve.

AV Equipment Supplies

The following items are available for purchase at the General Services Desk on Level 10:

  • blank audio cassette tapes (C90)
  • blank CDROM and DVD "recordables"
  • flip chart paper
  • dry erase markers (for use in the Group Study facilities)
  • highlighters
  • headsets/headphones ("on-ear" or "bud") for use with any of the computers, listening, or viewing stations in the Library.

Please note that prices for these supplies are subject to change based on their costs of acquisition. For further information please ask at the General Services Desk on Level 10 (329-2265).

Multimedia Workstations

The Library offers multimedia services that provides students, faculty and staff with the physical resources they need in order to produce professional quality multimedia works for teaching, learning, and research. The multimedia workstations are located in the U of L Library across from the General Services Desk.

Student assistants are available to provide assistance with creating graphics, videos, podcasts, websites and much more.  The Library is providing these services for individuals of all skill levels as tools for improving the overall quality of personal and school related projects.

Below is a list of the available computers and the professional software that has been installed on them.

Computers and Equipment

  • Two high end PC computers ( each with 12 GB ram, 6 core processor and two 22 inch monitors)
  • One high end 27"  iMac (8 GB ram, 4 core processor)
  • Two large Wacom drawing tablets
  • One large format Epson scanner (scans 11"x17")
  • One Midi Controller

Professional Software

  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection
  • Avid Audio: Avid Protools 9 (on Mac only)

Questions, Comments, Concerns, Feedback?

We always welcome your feedback and comments as a way of improving our services; to do so, please contact:  

Jesse N. Malinsky; Supervisor, Access Services (403-329-2128;

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