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Theatre and Drama Resources: Theatre & Performance

This guide is intended to provide guidance for students researching in the area of Theatre and Dramatic Arts.

Finding reference sources

Finding books

Search our library catalogue by Title or Author if you already know the book you are looking for.  Remember to type the Author's last name first!

Search by KEYWORD if you don't know the Subject Heading or if you are looking for something in an Anthology or Collection of essays.  Browse your results, using the assigned Subject Headings to find more books on your topic.

Search by Subject Heading to find additional books on your topic, or books about a particular playwright.  Examples of the types of subject headings you can use:

  • Acting history
  • Acting in opera
  • Choreography
  • Hamlet
  • Modern dance Canada history
  • Stage fighting
  • Shakespeare William characters
  • Shakespeare William comedies
  • Television acting
  • Theater audiences
  • Theater  Canada history

Finding newspaper, magazine and journal articles