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Art and Picture Books

Picture Books representing different art mediums, including printimaking, drawing, Oil and acrylic painting, Drawing (chalk, pastel coloured pencils), fabric art, collage and sculpture, crayon etching and crayon resist, mixed media, and digital art. Sampl

Art Activity in Action:


Sample Activity

"The Very Clumsy Click Beetle" by Eric Carle

The author/illustrator uses an art technique called "Collage"

Collage and Sculpture Construction​

  • Definition: A variety of materials and textures are used to build up a surface. Collage is French for "to glue" 
  • Related Terms: Pop-Up books, toy and movable books, paper engineering, paper sculpture, sculptured paper, Plasticine, cut paper, and torn paper collage, tissue paper collage.

Instructions For Making Your Own Collage Artwork

  • On a black piece of construction paper, make your own sketch of the very clumsy click beetle, filling the page as much as possible.

  • Next, pick some bright colours of paper, and tear shapes to match your sketch. 

  • You might want to splatter some paint on to your beetle, using a box to splatter the paint without making a mess.

  • Make sure to glue your artwork down. Also save scrap papers for another torn collage creation

"Click Bug" Collage by Bill Glaister

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