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Art and Picture Books

Picture Books representing different art mediums, including printimaking, drawing, Oil and acrylic painting, Drawing (chalk, pastel coloured pencils), fabric art, collage and sculpture, crayon etching and crayon resist, mixed media, and digital art. Sampl

Mixed Media:

  • Definition: Mixed media uses a number of different media or art tools to create art. Many of the titles listed in this Libguide make use of one art media or tool. However, the picture books and teaching resources apart of the Mixed Media page are characterized by a broader range of art tools that the other subjects in this Libguide.

Simple Lesson Plan Ideas:

  • A mixed media art activity would be a great way to end the school year, allowing students to experiment with many of the art tools they have tried out, and enjoyed throughout the year.
  • Have students browse books in a category.
  • Use the materials provided to copy or draw their favorite picture from their favourite book in the list provided
  • Try one of the activities in the teaching materials provided, or try one of the lesson links below.

Check out these tutorials on YouTube: