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Art and Picture Books

Picture Books representing different art mediums, including printimaking, drawing, Oil and acrylic painting, Drawing (chalk, pastel coloured pencils), fabric art, collage and sculpture, crayon etching and crayon resist, mixed media, and digital art. Sampl

Art Activity in Action:

"Sculpture Construction: Pop-Up Cards

Collage and Sculpture Construction

  • Definition: A variety of materials and textures are used to build up a surface.
  • Related Terms: <Pop-up books>, toy and movable books, paper engineering, paper sculpture, sculpted paper, plasticine, cut paper and torn paper collage, tissue paper collage

Sample Activities

How to Make Pop-Up Cards with Various Templates:

General supplies:

  • Masking tape and scotch tape
  • Scissors for each group 
  • Pencil crayons or crayons, and a black felt pen                                                     
  • Glue sticks
  • White sheets of paper
  • Scotch tape

Before starting the pop-up cards, they need to provide the following information:

  • The students need to draw and label at least 2 pictures related to their school subject or special occasion.
  • The students need to write down 5 sentences related to their pictures, representing information on their subject or special occasion.
  • They will use these pictures and information to complete the pop-up card templates.

Create 1 of 3 pop-up card templates, which can be used for any curriculum:

  1. 3-D Pop-Up Card:
  2. Talking Mouth Card:
  3. Door of Flap Pop-Up Card:

Create 1 of 5 pop-up cards, based on the small crawling and flying creatures for Grade 2 science in Alberta:

  1. Earthworms:
  2. Mollusks:
  3. Crustaceans:
  4. Arachnids:
  5. Insects:

Each template has three types of instructions that will help you complete the cards:

  1. Text instructions are found on the card templates themselves
  2. If the text instructions are not clear, page one of each template includes pictures with the instructions
  3. Note the "key" found on each card, which gives you very useful hints on when and where to fold, cut, pull or push out a pop-up element.



Create a toy and movable book sampler, based on the "eggs" theme, suitable for Grades 2 to 3 science:


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