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Art and Picture Books

Picture Books representing different art mediums, including printimaking, drawing, Oil and acrylic painting, Drawing (chalk, pastel coloured pencils), fabric art, collage and sculpture, crayon etching and crayon resist, mixed media, and digital art. Sampl

Art Activity in Action:

"Crayon Etching & Crayon Resist"

Sample Activity

The "House in the NIght" by Susan Marie Swanson, pictures by Beth Krommes.

It uses an art technique called "scratchboard," or "etching

Crayon Etching and Crayon Resist

  • Definition:
    • Crayon resist: A drawing made with crayons, where light black wash is applied over the crayons. The crayons resist the ink.
    • Crayon etching: A drawing made with crayons, where a heavy coat of black wash is applied. An etching tool is used to create patterns in the ink, removing the ink and allowing the crayon colors to appear.
    • Related terms: Scratch art, scratchboard
    • Materials needed: Etching tool (e.g. nail. nail file, popsicle stick), crayons, carbon black ink or black tempura paint or black crayons, think black marker, scratch resistant paper (bristol or poster board works best).

Instructions For Making Your Own Crayon Resist/Etching Artwork

  • On a small piece of white paper, draw a sketch of a simple star.
  • Draw the simple star with pencil, and the fill in the lines with a thick black felt pen

  • Fill in the whole page with bright, lighter crayon (or pencil crayons) colours. Use the spectrum of colours like seen in a rainbow.

  • Using dark poster paint, or black crayon if there is limited time. Cover your whole page with black. 


  • Use a toothpick, nail, or other etching tool to "etch away" colour patterns. You could use lines or circles, etc.

Finished Example: "Starlight, Starbright" by Bill Glaister.

Inspired by the scratchboard or etching artwork found in "The House in the Night"



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