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Art and Picture Books

Picture Books representing different art mediums, including printimaking, drawing, Oil and acrylic painting, Drawing (chalk, pastel coloured pencils), fabric art, collage and sculpture, crayon etching and crayon resist, mixed media, and digital art. Sampl

Art Activity in Action:

"Pastel Flower"

Drawing: Pastels, Chalk, Coloured Pencils

  • ​​Definition: Drawing involves making marks on a surface. Pastels are drawing tool made of sticks of colour with a binder. They can be soft or hard, oil or water-based. 
  • Related terms: Oil pastels, chalk pastels, watercolor pastels, dry pastels, wax pastels, charcoal pastels.
  • Materials needed: 
    • Large sheets of black construction paper (e.g. 30 cm x 36 cm)
    • White glue 
    • Chalk pastels or chalk
    • Coloured pencils
    • Oil pastels (including white)
    • Fixative (e.g. hairspray)
    • Large sheets of white paper (e.g. 23 cm x 30 cm)
    • Students "magic fingers" to blend colours

Sample Activity

Instructions For Making Your Pastel Drawing:

Drawing With the Glue Bottle:

  1. Using a bottle of white glue, draw with the glue bottle just like it was a pencil. You may want to sketch the flower outline first with pencil.
  2. Fill the page with the flower
  3. Include flower, leaves and stem, and a small drawing of an animal
  4. NOTE: You really need to avoid all detail. This is an abstract piece of artwork, and the glue is just the outline of the flower and small animal.
  5. For more help:

Simple flower:          More complex flower:     

After the glue dries: Pastel colours from list, filled in between glue lines

Use your finger to blend colours:

Use your finger and darker colours to add "3-D" and shading:

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