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Interlibrary Loans: Borrowing FAQs

Requesting Items

Submitting Requests

Receiving Requests

Returning Requests

ILL Quotas


Where can I get general information about requesting material on Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?
Please contact Research Help or the Library Services Desk, located on the level 10 of the Library. If further information is required, please consult ILL staff by email at

How long does it take?
Delivery time for a requested ILL item depends on the request type (copy or loan), the location of the lending library, the speed with which the lending library fills the request and the delivery method used. Some materials arrive within days or hours from the time a request is processed, while others may take months.

Do I have to know where an item is located before I request it through ILL?
No, ILL staff will determine which location can supply the material requested. However, if you do know where the item is located, please indicate the location on the request form under Other Information.

Can I borrow videos on ILL?
Yes, if the location which owns the video will lend it. When requesting videos on ILL, please use the DVD request form.

Can I borrow an entire issue of a journal?
You can obtain articles from the journal, but not the entire journal itself.

Can I borrow items from other Alberta libraries on ILL?
Yes, but you may also obtain The Alberta Library (TAL) Card from the General Services Desk of the Library. TAL Cards are available to students, faculty, and staff having University of Lethbridge Library borrowing records in good standing. Once you obtain a TAL Card, you may borrow materials in person from most Alberta libraries. Please consult the TAL Card website for more information.

If an item is checked out in our Library, can I borrow it on ILL?
Yes, books from the Main Collection that are checked out may be requested on Interlibrary Loan.

If an item is at the bindery, can I submit an ILL request form?
Yes, items that are listed as at bindery may be requested on ILL.

If an item is listed as billed, can I submit an ILL request form?
Yes, items that are billed may be requested on ILL.

If an item is listed as for repair, can I submit an ILL request form?
Yes, items that are for repair may be requested on ILL.

If an item is listed as missing, can I submit an ILL request form?
Yes, items that are missing may be requested on ILL.


How do I submit an ILL request?
Requests may be submitted online by completing the Interlibrary Loan form appropriate to the material you wish to borrow/receive via interlibrary loan.

Why do I need to put a "Cancel if not filled by" date on the ILL request form?
ILL staff uses this date to determine the feasibility of obtaining the item within the time period you wish to use it.

What if I don't have all the citation information required on the ILL request form?
Please ask Research Help staff for assistance.  They may be able to help you find a complete citation using resources available in the Library.


If I find I no longer need an item, how do I cancel my Interlibrary Loan request?
Please contact ILL staff by email at

How will I know when the material has arrived?
You will be notified by email when requested material has arrived. Loans are available for pickup upon presentation of your updated Campus Card at the Library Services Desk of the Library. Links to PDF copies are emailed to the email address provided in the requestor's submitted request. These links remain active for 14 days.

How can I check the status of my Interlibrary Loan request?
If you wish to confirm the Library received your submitted interlibrary loan requests, access your ILL account ( If you require further information about the status of your interlibrary loan request, please contact ILL staff by email at

How long can I have an ILL item on loan?
The loan period will vary depending on lending libraries’ policies. If the lending library indicates the material is FOR USE IN LIBRARY ONLY, however, patrons must use the material in the Library and return it to the Library Services Desk before closing at the end of each day.

My interlibrary loan is available for borrowing, can someone else check it out or pick it up for me?
No, interlibrary loans can only be borrowed by the original requester—they cannot be borrowed or transferred to another patron.

Renewals may be requested for material borrowed on ILL that is identified by a lime green band wrapped around it. To request a renewal, please contact no later than 5 days before the item is due. Items may be renewed 1 time only.


Where do I return the material I received on ILL?
Interlibrary loans must be returned to the Library Services Desk on or before the due date.

Will I be charged fines for overdue ILL materials?
Yes, fines are $1.00 per day per item and will be added to your library record.


How much does ILL cost?
There is no cost for requesting interlibrary loans.

How can I find out the number of items I have requested on ILL?
You can access your request history via your ILL account ( If further information is required, please contact ILL staff by email at

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