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Requesting Materials from The University of Lethbridge Library: About

Authentication credentials for using the Relais web form to submit requests to the University of Lethbridge, may be obtained by emailing:

The following steps may be used to connect to and use the Relais request form through your web browser.

  1. Type in the following URL at the location prompt of your web browser:
  2. Type in your Login information:
    • USER LOGIN: ***************
    • PASSWORD: ***************
  3. Select Request choice under Add Request
  4. Fill in the form
    • Areas marked with a red asterisk (*) must be completed.
    • Type in ISBN or ISSN if you have it.
    • Choose your preferred Delivery Method and Messaging Method
  5. Click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Your Request Number will appear on the Request Submitted screen when the request is submitted successfully.
    • Record your Request Number which you can use to check on the progress of the request by selecting Open Requests under My Requests on the main menu page
  7. At this point you can choose from the Menu Options on the left side of the screen to request another item.
  8. Use Edit Profile or Change Password to update information about your Institution/Library.
  9. When finished, click Logout, top right of the main menu page.
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