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Research Assistants: About

Special Borrowing Privileges for Research Assistants: Faculty members may authorize Research Assistants to borrow library items for them, using their faculty library accounts.

In order to set up the special borrowing privileges for Research Assistants, faculty must fill in the online Research Assistant Authorization form.

The Research Assistant's Campus ID card will be linked to the Faculty member's library account. When an Assistant is signing out anything for faculty research purposes, Library staff will scan the Assistant's ID card and choose the Research account rather than the Personal account. Items will then automatically be signed out to the Faculty member.

Interlibrary Loans for Faculty Members: A Research Assistant can request interlibrary loans for a Faculty member. The Research Assistant must complete the online Interlibrary Loan Request Form using the Faculty member's research account username and password as provided by the Library.

  • Articles obtained through interlibrary loan will be sent to the Faculty member's email address.
  • Books obtained through interlibrary loan must be picked up at the Library Services Desk.
    • Faculty members will receive an email notifying them of the arrival of any books.
    • Faculty members or Research Assistants must pick up the books at the Library Services Desk.

Click here for information on how to change your password.

Questions: Please contact the Library Services Desk (403-329-2265).

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