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Anthropology: Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Guide to Library resources available at the U. of Lethbridge Library related to Anthropology.

Anthropology Reference Sources

Reference sources (i.e., encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, etc.) can be excellent starting points for beginning your research about a particular topic.

Anthropology-Related Dictionaries

Examples of resources that provide information on Anthropology-related topics and explain terminology used within the discipline.

Anthropology-Related Encyclopedias & Handbooks

Examples of resources that provide background information relevant for researching topics in Anthropology.

Summon Search for Reference Sources

Anthropology as an Academic Discipline

As an academic discipline, anthropology is somewhat less than two centuries old, but speculations, if not rigorous scientific theories, about where we human beings came from and how to account for the physical and cultural differences that distinguish our communities and nations from one another probably began during prehistory. [continue reading entry in reference work]

SOURCE: Littleton, C. S. (2005). Anthropology. In M. C. Horowitz (Ed.), New Dictionary of the History of Ideas (Vol. 1, pp. 73-80). Detroit: Charles Scribner's Sons.