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Archaeology -- Great Plains Region: Databases & Articles

Guide to Library resources available at the U. of Lethbridge Library related to Archaeology of the Great Plains Region.

Popular Archaeology vs. Scholarly Archaeology

There are many Archaeology  sources available that are not geared towards professional audiences. These are called “popular” publications and it is important to be aware when you are using these sources.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Many popular sources are very good but they may not have gone through a rigorous peer review process or have the technical data necessary for your research. Articles are often written by professional writers not professional archaeologists.

Archaeology's Hoaxes, Fakes, and Strange Sites

"Archaeology's Hoaxes, Fakes, and Strange Sites" provides links to related articles appearing in Archaeology magazine.
Cardiff Giant

Excavation of the "Cardiff Giant" in 1869
Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Find Articles: Recommended Plains & Prairie Databases [Full-Text]

Start with the following Databases to locate full-text articles related to Plains & Prairie Archaeology. Note: You can also use the SUMMON discovery tool above to locate more article from across multiple databases.

Find Other Database Content Related to Archaeology of the Great Plains [Free Online]

Find Articles: Finding Major Journal Titles

Examples of journal titles not specific to the Archaeology of the Great Plains but which often have relevant content: