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Genres of Literature: Current Children's & YA

What is Genre?


graphic texts collage

Genre is basically a "category" with certain distinguishing characteristics. Thriller, comedy, horror, western are all examples of film genres, and there are many more. 

Literature also has a wide variety of genres. This Guide explores 8 different genres of literature that are well represented in children's and young adult literature. 

* Poetry * Historical Fiction * Traditional Literature/Folklore * Mystery & Detective Fiction * Informational * Biography * Science Fiction * Fantasy *

It also identifies two distinct formats of literature (can be any genre):

  • Picture Books
  • Graphic Texts

Video Overview: Genres of Children's and Young Adult Literature

Before Viewing (Activate Prior Knowledge):

  • Which of the above genres/formats are familiar to you? 
  • Which of the above are unfamiliar or not of interest?

View the Video! (16 minutes)

Grab a beverage, a pen, and prepare to:

  • be surprised at how enticing many of these titles sound!
  • think of other examples of the genre
  • identify possible titles or genres you would like to explore further

In-Class Activity: 3503

The following asynchronous activity may be assigned to a section of Ed. 3503. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. The purpose is to engage with some examples of different genres within children's and young adult literature.

Link to In-Class Activity for 3503

EXAMPLE: More Information to Help You Evaluate/Learn More about a Title

  • Click on the title and view it in Summon (the Library system). 
  • Look for professional reviews, where you can learn more and can evaluate the book.
  • Look for Summaries and Pages numbers under More Detail.

Image of an item in library catalogue with link to professional reviews highlighted

Need help Finding the Book?

You can REQUEST the book and pick it up at the check-out counter on level 10 (allow a day for us to pull it).

Take a 4-minute video tour of the Curriculum Lab using our HELP VIDEOs.