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The University of Lethbridge Library will occasionally consider donations of materials that complement existing collections and support current teaching, learning and research at the University.

The Library must approve all donations prior to receipt.

Main Library Collection

We do not normally accept donations for the main library collection due to space, budget, and staffing considerations.

Special Collections and Archives

We will periodically consider unique donations for Special Collections and Archives. Please contact the Archives if you wish to discuss a donation of archival (university-related) materials, or contact Special Collections if you wish to discuss a donation of rare materials. The Library will then evaluate the potential donation for acquisition.

Occasionally, small donations of specialized subject matter will be considered. Please discuss the details of your potential donation with the appropriate subject librarian. For donations of recent children’s literature or recent teaching materials in excellent condition, contact the Curriculum Laboratory.

Potential donors are required to complete an Offer of Donation form (fillable PDF) for each donation. All forms or potential offers must include a list of the items offered when they are submitted. The Library reserves the right to decide upon the retention, location, organization, use and disposition of donated materials, and items will be processed as time permits. Final acceptance of any donation rests with the Library.

Cash donations are always welcome to aid in special projects. To direct a financial gift to the library, please visit

We thank previous donors for their generosity.

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