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What Types of Information Resources Can Be Donated?
Procedures for Donating Materials
Library Donation (Gift) Policies

The University of Lethbridge Library welcomes gifts of books and other information resources that complement existing collections and support current teaching, learning and research at the University.

What Types of Information Resources Can Be Donated?

In particular, the Library is interested in gifts of:

  • recently published scholarly books;
  • older works of enduring value in good condition;
  • compact discs and DVD’s;
  • musical scores;
  • back runs of scholarly journals if they fill gaps in the collection;
  • archival material.

The Library is unable to accept all offers of donation due to space and other limitations. The following materials are not normally suitable for donation: textbooks and workbooks; popular books, magazines, and newspapers; inspirational literature; single issues or short runs of periodicals; materials in poor condition; materials requiring outdated technology (e.g. LP’s); duplicates of materials already in the collection.

Procedures for Donating Materials

Before sending any items to the Library, potential donors are asked to discuss their donation with a Library staff member as described below:

  • For general questions regarding donation policies and procedures, contact Library Administration, Library Administration (403)329-2261.
  • For donations in a particular subject area, contact the subject librarian for that area. For donations of children’s literature or teaching materials, contact Beth Cormier in the Curriculum Laboratory (329-2716).
  • For donations of archival materials, please contact Archives (403)329-2714.

Potential donors are required to complete an Offer of Donation form (fillable PDF) for each donation. A copy of this form can also be obtained from a Library service desk or staff member. If the donation being offered is more than 3-4 titles, the Library also requires an itemized list. For books, please include the title, author(s), publisher, edition, and date of publication. Please list journals by their titles and include volumes, issue number(s) and dates. (See title list examples)

Library Donation (Gift) Policies

  • Ownership of gift transfers to the Library and the Library reserves the right to decide upon the retention, location, organization, use and disposition;
  • Any conditions or limitations attached to any gift be must be in accordance with University policy and acceptable to the Library;
  • If a tax receipt is requested, an independent appraisal must be completed. An independent appraisal can be arranged by the Library;
  • Any staff member may “receive” a gift which is delivered to the Library, but final responsibility for “acceptance” of gifts rests with librarians responsible for collection development;
  • Materials acquired using government or institutional funds are not personal property and therefore are not eligible for tax receipts;
  • The Library will process gifts as time permits.
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