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Classroom / Group Workshops and Demonstrations

Project Sandbox staff can offer a wide variety of classroom/group workshops and presentations based on the extensive items listed in our workshop catalogue. With the time allocated from your class, our staff will be able to offer sessions that equip participants with valuable skills, knowledge, and relevant examples to succeed in their personal and professional endeavors. The following list provides a detailed overview of what we can do with your class time:

What can we do in...

10 minutes or less?

  • Project Sandbox Overview
    • Provide an overview of the support that is provided through the Library’s Project Sandbox initiative. This includes equipment, workshops/events, support, and up to date lists of resources for project creation.
  • Using creative commons works in your projects
    • Provide a brief talk on how to properly use creative commons images, videos, sounds, and other digital objects in your projects.
  • Using open source / free software
    • Provide a brief talk about free/open-source software alternatives for commonly used purposes. During this talk, we can highlight a free / open source piece of software that your students can utilize for your class.

50 minutes?

  • Provide a lecture for your class/group on any of the workshops from our workshop catalogue.

1 hour and 15 minutes?

  • Provide an hands-on workshop for your class/group on any of the workshops from our workshop catalogue.

2 hours and 45 minutes?

  • Provide a combination of any two workshops from our workshop catalogue or create a customized workshop to fit your needs.

Customized Workshops

Project Sandbox team members can support classes and groups by providing customized tutorials/demonstrations for a variety of equipment, software, and coding languages. Demonstrations/tutorials can be provided during or in addition to regular class time. Please visit our workshop catalogue or supported items list to generate ideas of what we can create for you. Contact us today with your ideas!