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One-On-One Support

Project Support

We provide a comprehensive suite of supports for the university community and their creative projects. We are well-versed in a wide range of software, hardware, and coding languages, and can offer expertise and resources to support your creative projects needs. From helping you navigate through various tools and technologies to providing hands-on guidance, we are committed to empowering you with the skills and knowledge needed to bring your ideas to life. With our support, you can confidently explore, experiment, and express your creativity, and unlock your full potential in the process. For a listing of potential topics we support, please visit our workshop catalogue or our supported items list.

Technology Consultations

We offer technology consultations for university community members by providing software, hardware, and coding languages recommendations that will help you realize your projects. We recognize that technology and the array of options available can be complex and overwhelming, which is why our team is here to simplify the process. Whether you need assistance with software, hardware, or coding languages, we provide personalized recommendations to ensure that you can effectively leverage technology. With our technology consultations, you can confidently navigate the digital landscape, enhance your skills, and maximize the potential of the tools at your disposal.


We are readily available to assist university community members with issues that may arise around our supported items. We understand that technology can present challenges and are committed to finding effective solutions. Whether you encounter technical difficulties or need guidance on troubleshooting, we are here to provide reliable support. We will listen to your problem, analyze the situation, and work collaboratively with you to identify and implement the most appropriate solutions. Our goal is to ensure that you overcome obstacles that arise in your projects and can continue on with confidence.