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Research Help Service

The goal of the research help team is to provide you with the information, knowledge, and ability to address your information needs in a way that enables you to do so independently in the future. This means we take the time to explain things, rather than just showing you where to click, so that you can understand and recreate the process yourself. We can assist with a variety of research related inquiries such as:

  • Refining a research topic
  • Locating books, media, maps, government documents, or microfilm in the library
  • Identifying relevant online sources, such as subject specific databases
  • Using search strategies and techniques
  • Evaluating information, ensuring your sources are credible and authoritative
  • Understanding citation styles and formatting

Prospective Referrals

In some cases where a research question is more complex or unusual, or requires specialist understanding to answer, you may be referred to a Subject Librarian. In these cases you will be given the contact information of the librarian best suited to work with you, and if you would like, an introductory email can be sent to facilitate the arrangement of a meeting.

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