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Research Help Service

Appointment Overview

For your appointment you will meet with a Library staff member at our service desk on L10 of the Library. This Library staff member is knowledgeable about the Library’s resources and is trained in a broad range of research skills. After you share your research related question, the staff member will likely have a number of follow up questions to ask you in order to ensure they understand exactly what you need. You and the Library staff member will use public access computers near the service desk, or, if you would prefer, you can bring your own laptop or device.

Most research inquiries last less than 15 minutes. In some cases, depending on the complexity of your question and your existing knowledge, you may do some work independently and then return or seek more assistance if needed. Because we receive many questions in different formats at the service desk (ex. phone calls, emails, and instant messages, as well as in person), we may have to respond quickly to others during your appointment time. We will endeavor to minimize such disruptions to our meeting with you but appreciate your patience should such an interruption occur. 

Prospective Referrals

In some cases where a research question is more complex or unusual, or requires specialist understanding to answer, you may be referred to a Librarian. In these cases you will be given the contact information of the Librarian best suited to work with you, and, if you would like, an introductory email can be sent to facilitate the arrangement of a meeting.

Appointment Cancellations

When logged into the appointment booking system you will have the ability to cancel your upcoming appointments.