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Therapeutic Recreation: Articles

A University of Lethbridge Library guide to Therapeutic Recreation research and resources.

Finding Journal Articles

The most current research in therapeutic recreation is often found in journal articles. The U of L Library subscribes to many databases that allow you to search for journal articles on your research topic. Some of the most important databases in the field of therapeutic recreation are listed on the right. Read the description of each database to determine which ones are most likely to include articles on your topic.

Databases usually provide article citation information and abstracts—summaries of what each article is about. Often, the full text of the article is available within the database or through a link. If the full text of an article isn't available through the U of L Library, you may request it via an interlibrary loan.

For more information on finding articles through the U of L Library, visit our Find Journal Articles guide. For tips on how to search databases, watch the video below.

Search Techniques and Strategies

Recommended Databases

The databases listed below are core therapeutic recreation resources. They are the best sources of scholarly articles on topics related to therapeutic recreation.

For a more comprehensive list, see our Therapeutic Recreation Resources page. Keep in mind that many research topics are multidisciplinary, so you may wish to search databases from other subject areas as needed.