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Display Policy: About Us

Goals of the Program
Display Areas
Display Team Responsibilities
General Display Guidelines
Requesting Library Display Space

Goals of the Program

Increase awareness, appreciation and use of the Library by promoting its materials and services:

  • Focus on academic themes and other subjects of interest to the U of L community and the general public
  • Highlight the Library materials which relate to campus events and programs as well as local or national calendar events important to the U of L academic community
  • Create interesting, creative, eye catching displays which stimulate intellectual curiosity, educate, inform and entertain
  • Build a partnership with other U of L-affiliated groups

Display Areas

The Library has three main glass display cabinets on Level 10—two at the Library entrance and one at the staff entrance door. As well, tables are often used for smaller displays.

Case Measurements:

  • 8 cabinets in the Library entrance, each measuring approximately 104cm high x 97.75cm wide x 42cm deep.
  • 5 cabinets near staff entry/exit door, same measurements as ones above.


Displays vary in length depending on where they are mounted.

  • cabinets near the Library entrance = approximately 4-6 months
  • cabinets at the staff entrance will focus on "What's available in your Library" and will be updated approximately twice a year
  • table display = 1 to 3 weeks

Display Team Responsibilities

  • Research display ideas, gather materials and create display
  • Promote Library displays via electronic U of L Notice Board and "News & Noteworthy" on the Library homepage
  • Maintain the Library Displays website. The website provides information and images about current and past displays and links to web pages relating to the displays. It also states the Goals and Responsibilities of the Display Team, General Display Guidelines, Tips for Creating Displays and information on Display Areas in the Library
  • Solicit and approve display suggestions and proposals from Library Staff and U of L departments and organizations
  • Coordinate all display installations and dismantling
  • Act as an information resource for any group that is planning and mounting a display

General Display Guidelines

  • Library materials on display are available for use and circulation. Contact the Library Services Desk staff or the Display Team if you need an item on display
  • Displays should be informative, educational, and creative
  • Library materials should be an integral or illustrative component of any display
  • Displays should be as simple and uncluttered as possible
  • Text and signage should be clear and large enough to read easily
  • Display tools such as stands, tacks, tape, etc. are available from the Display Team

Requesting Library Display Space

  • Other Library staff or University-affiliated groups may contact the Display Team with a suggestion for a display or request display space. The Display Team will consider the request and notify the requestor of its decision
  • Priority for display space is given to Library-sponsored displays
  • The Display Team will assist any group with planning and mounting a display
  • Upon completion of display installation, exhibitors must seek final approval of their display from one of the Display Team members
  • All Library display cabinets are locked. However, the cases are glass and this places items in the cabinets at some risk of damage or theft. The U of L Library will not be responsible for displayed items that are damaged or stolen. If you wish to add library materials to a display, contact the Display Team
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