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QR Codes: QR Codes

A University of Lethbridge Guide to QR Codes

What are Quick Response Codes?

QR code linking to the Library homepageYou may have seen images like the one on the left appearing in various places around the library. It is known as a QR, or a "quick response" code. QR codes are a type of barcode which can be read using a mobile device's camera with the appropriate software installed.

QR codes can contain different kinds of information such as web links/URLs, phone numbers, videos, others pieces of textual information, or even a combination of these. (example: scanning the code on the left will open up the website shown on the right)

If you scan a QR code that contains a URL link and your mobile device has internet access, you can use your devices´s browser to open the link. Alternatively you can save the information and use it later – it will at least save you having to write it down at the time. Other kinds of information can also be saved for later.

How to read QR Codes

To read QR codes, follow these steps:

  1. Get QR Code Reader App.
    You will need a smartphone or some other mobile device with a camera and an internet connection. The software required to read QR codes is freely available for many modern makes and models. iPad/iPhone/iTouch users can download the software from the iTunes app store for free or a nominal charge. Android users can download the software from the Play Store. The i-nigma reader is available for over 250 handsets and can be downloaded from Alternatively, readers are available from Some devices, such as modern Nokias have the software pre-installed.  
  2. Scan QR code.
    QR Codes are read by the camera in your mobile device. Aim your camera at the QR code like you're taking a picture and frame it in in the viewfinder. The QR code needs to be flat and free of glares for your device to be able to focus onto it.
  3. View Content.  Your device will detect what information is contained in the code, whether it be plain text or a URL, and will also detect the most appropriate app to view it in. You may be promted by your QR reader to open another app, or choose which app to open the content in. The Library mostly uses QR codes to link you directly to specific sections of our mobile website: 

Using QR Codes in the Library

Group Work Room Booking

There are QR codes posted on the doors of each Bookable Group Work Room in the Library. These QR codes link directly to the booking calender for their respective rooms, and make it possible to book a room in seconds as you are walking into it. You will have to log into your U of L account the first time you book a room using the QR codes, but you can save your credentials on your phone for future use. Bookings can also be made from our website or by visiting a service point in the library.

A poster like the one seen in the image above is posted the door of every BOOKABLE group work room in the LIbrary. Bookable group work rooms are available on level 10 and level 11 in the library. 

Other places you might see QR codes.

The Library uses QR codes in pamphlets, on posters, on notice boards, and on other printed items to link you to online feeds, help guides, directories, and connect you with our help desk. Wherever you see the Ask US QR code, you can quickly scan it to send the help desk a text, or talk to them on the phone.

Need help?

If you require any support using QR codes please see a staff member at one of our service desks.

Research Help Desk

During the Research Help Desk open hours, you can Ask Us a question via IM, email, or text message.

Instant Message: Click Here
Email: Click Here
Phone: 403-329-2265
Text: 780-666-4622

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