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Aboriginal Health

A University of Lethbridge Library guide to Aboriginal Health research and resources.

Welcome to Aboriginal Health

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This guide will help you with work and research in Aboriginal Health. Aboriginal Health is holistic and incorporates Indigenous worldviews, medicinal knowledges, arts, places, and healing practices.

About Iniskim

Elder Bruce Wolf Child has named the University of Lethbridge “Iniskim,” meaning Sacred Buffalo Stone.  The university is located within the geographic region of a Blackfoot story about a medicine rock.  Wolf Child originally named the university "Nato’ohkotok” (Medicine Rock), in 2002, in honour of the wisdom, knowledge, solidarity, and connection to the land and people of Blackfoot territory. In 2014, he refined the name to “Iniskim” (Sacred Buffalo Stone).  This naming is a great honour for the University of Lethbridge and, in the spirit of sharing, we are committed to recognizing the Blackfoot and other Aboriginal peoples who are such an integral part of our community.

Please visit the Iikaisskini Student Centre channel for more videos about Indigenous initiatives on campus.

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Iikaisskini Indigenous Student Affairs

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Our gathering place is about an invitation to come share our stories, teachings, and wisdom.  It’s about relationships, a safe place to explore new knowledge and engage in community dialogue.  It’s about igniting pride and inspiring leadership.