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Noise, Cell Phones, Equitable Access to Computers and More: About Us

Noise in the Library
Cell Phone Use in the Library
Food and Drink in the Library
Equitable Access to Computers
Library Code of Conduct

Noise in the Library

The Library has received numerous complaints in the past about the level of noise throughout the Library (see comments below).  To address this problem, a Library Code of Conduct policy was developed and the Library has been zoned more clearly.


Silent Study Area (Room L1168) on Level 11 is available all opening hours on weekends and weekdays from 5:00 p.m. to closing when classes are not booked into this room.  During Silent Study hours, talking, eating, audio devices and computer equipment are not permitted in order to provide maximum quiet. Entering and exiting the area should be done as quietly as possible.

Specific areas in the Library are Quiet study areas:

  • all of Level 9
  • south side of Level 10 where the carrels are located

Group work must occur outside of designated Quiet study areas.  Group work can occur in the following areas:

  • group study rooms on Levels 10 and 11
  • north side of Level 11 near the group study rooms
  • north side of Level 10 where the tables are located
  • Faculty of Education Curriculum Laboratory

Ringers on cell phones must be turned off on entering the Library and all cell phone conversations, incoming and outgoing, must be taken outside of the Library. More info

Check out the noise section of the Library Code of Conduct for additional information.

You will be asked to abide by the policy. Ignoring it or repeated violations may result in Security being summoned.

Here are several examples of complaints regarding noise that the Library has received via our Suggestions box:


Please please please enforce "quiet study areas"!!!! Please! I need somewhere to get away and study from all the noise and distractions. For example, today, a librarian noticed a group of people talking loudly and went over to them to tell them to be more quiet. One minute later they were talking just as loud as before and the librarian never went back and never made them move. Perhaps these people are new to the library and don't know to go into a room when you have a group. Currently, as I am writing, I am in the downstairs level, in a "quiet study area" and there are several people talking at the top of their lungs. If you could just perhaps walk around and make sure the library is actually a traditional library and not just a hangout. Once again, please enforce "quiet study areas" better! If people are talking, make sure they move to somewhere where they aren't disturbing other people (study room, non "quiet study area"). I am trying to study for my medical interview tomorrow! If this happened in a public library a librarian would not put up with it.


I am not sure is it me, but I constantly have problem with noisy groups in library. This is the first library I know that tolerates this behavior. Are there any regulations and rules regarding the noise level in the library? There are many other spaces at the university to "hang out". Every time I come, I am forced to leave because any warning to these groups to keep it down does not work. Is there any hope that we can see some changes in study areas in the library or as a student of this university I need to look for alternative places out of campus. How sad.


The University of Lethbridge library is visually appealing. It's not quiet anywhere though -- not even in the areas with signs posted specifically asking patrons to be quiet. It would be super if staff could be very vigilant about ensuring that at least some space in the library (the entire bottom floor, say) is kept super, super quiet for those who like studying in quiet places. When the library was located in University Hall, the bottom floor in it was always as quiet as a mouse and a super place to read and work. The library now has no such place. It's noisy everywhere. And this is a pity!


My suggestion is that you consider dedicating at least part of the library -- 1 floor say, or a very large portion of one floor -- to very, very quiet reading and studying, and that you be very vigilant about ensuring this area is kept very, very quiet, too. At the University of Alberta, there's a large room that's kept very, very quiet, and that's a pleasure to go and read and study in. At the University of Calgary, there are many very quiet spaces to go and study in. When the University of Lethbridge library was located on Level 6, the entire library was a nice, quiet reading and studying environment. It was a place I used to love to go when I wanted an environment of this sort. Now, this is far from the case. The entire University of Lethbridge library seems to be incredibly noisy -- even in the areas with signs saying "Quiet Study Area". And I don't like going in it for this reason. I don't find it a pleasant environment to read and study in at all. I just came from it, and it's noisier in there than it is in the hallways around the University. The study rooms aren't even sound proof. Pretty poor place for those who like to read and study in quiet environments. Very poor!

Cell Phone Use in the Library

University Library users are entitled to a quiet environment in which to work. To ensure this quiet environment, a new Library Code of Conduct has been implemented.

Cell phone use can destroy a study environment. Consequently, the Library's Code of Conduct policy limits cell phone use as follows:

If you bring a cell phone into the Library, turn off the ringer.

  1. All cell phone calls, incoming and outgoing, must be taken outside the Library.
  2. Text messaging can take place.

You will be asked to abide by the policy. Ignoring the policy may result in Security being summoned.

Here are two examples of the numerous complaints that the Library has received via our Suggestions box:


Good Evening, It is about time that the library prohibit the use of cellphones. I know this won't be possible and this would be hard, but there should be signs reminding people that they are in a library. The movie theatre is already doing this. The library should too. Or the library could designate certain areas as "cellphone friendly". People could talk while they are in the library, but people should not be allowed to sit in front of the computer and chat on their cellphone. I have to say, most people understand the use of the cellphone in the library. Most people do not sit in front of the computer and chat. Only the select few do so.


I am not sure where to direct this request to. Anyways I was wondering if the library has considered implementing a rule about people using their cell phones in the library. Quite frankly, I am so tired of constantly being interrupted by people using their phones in here, especially in the quiet study zones and the bathrooms; people can still hear them. I think that the library is a place for studying, not visiting and if people wish to use their cell phones, they should have to leave the library, as it is disrespectful to everyone who is actually studying. I am hoping that my request be seriously considered.

Food and Drink in the Library

The University Library has a food and drink policy that tries to balance user needs with the need to maintain a comfortable, clean environment and to preserve the collection.

The following conditions apply to food and drink in the University Library:

  • beverages must be in containers with spill resistant lids (i.e., travel mugs, closed drink bottles, etc.).  Open cups or glasses are not allowed anywhere.
  • only cold food which produces minimal mess and smell is allowed.  Hot or messy foods are not allowed anywhere.
  • no food deliveries, other than those cleared by Library Administration, take place
  • food and beverages are not allowed in the Special Collections/Archives area.
  • food is not allowed in the Silent Study Area (Room L1168) 
  • food and beverages are consumed with extra care when in proximity to computer workstations or other technology (i.e., microcomputers, photocopiers, printers, audio visual equipment, etc.)

You will be asked to abide by the policy.  Ignoring the policy may result in Security being summoned.

Here are two examples of the complaints that the Library has received via the LibQual Survey and Suggestions box:


Please reconsider your policy on allowing food to be brought into the library. I am very concerned about the deterioration of our library resources, not to mention the quality of the library environment, which often resembles and smells like a high school cafeteria. Students need to be taught respect for community materials, and the current food policy has quite the opposite effect.


I feel that the library staff in general provide the best service they can and many will go the extra mile to assist patrons. Food and drink are issues that might need to be addressed.

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