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Political Science: Journal Articles

A University of Lethbridge Library guide to Political Science research and resources

Anatomy of a Journal Article

Where to Find Journal Articles

The most current information and research on any academic topic is generally found in articles. The Library subscribes to many journals, newspapers, and magazines, as well as databases where you can find even more articles (also dissertations, conference proceedings, government documents, and book chapters).

Using Summon, allows you to search the Library catalogue of resources as well as many databases all at the same time. After entering your search terms, use the content type filter on the left hand of the search results screen to narrow your search and see the results which are articles.

If you don't find what you need using Summon then you probably need to look in a subject specific database. The most relevant databases for finding information on Political Science have been listed under Databases by Subject. 

NOTE:  Political Science is multidisciplinary in nature. Many more indexes are available and may be useful to you, depending on your specific topic. Be prepared to search more than one index.

Most databases allow you to search for articles by keyword, subject, author, and title. The results will contain citation information, as well as abstracts (short summaries or descriptions of the articles). Often links to the full-text of the articles is available as well.