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Project Sandbox for Faculty and Staff

Classroom Workshops and Demonstrations

Expose your students to in-demand technologies and provide them with skills for success in their class projects and future employment. Our classroom workshops and demonstrations are by request and can be offered during or in addition to regular class time.

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Project Resources

Provide your students (or yourself) with access to a variety of resources to aid in project creation. Resources found on this page use either creative commons licenses or have free use options available. Give your students resources that will not infringe upon copyright licenses and allow them to display their work in public spaces.

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Project Software

Add a variety of digital tools to your students (or your) toolkit without an associated cost. Software provided on this page will help your students create an eclectic array of projects such as podcasts, websites, posters, videos, and more.

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Equipment and Computers

Assign your students projects without worrying about providing access to adequate equipment. Equipment and computers are available in the library for your students (and yourselves) to access.

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One-on-one Support

Connect your students to supports that will help them in the creation of their projects. We provide one-on-one supports to help move your students through the problems they may experience during the creation process.

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Upcoming Workshops

Learn how to use software to disseminate your research or support your students. We hold workshops regularly throughout the fall and spring semesters.

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