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Project Sandbox for Students

Upcoming Workshops

Develop your skills with us to enhance your class projects and prepare yourself for employment after graduation. Workshops are held regularly throughout the fall and spring semesters.

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One-on-one Support

Get support in the creation of your projects whether you are looking to develop your skills, needing guidance, or requiring support with troubleshooting.

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Group Workshop Requests

On-demand workshops can be made available for you and your group whether it is for a class project, university club, or anything in between.

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Equipment and Computers

Access an assortment of equipment and computers to assist with project creation.

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Project Resources

Utilize creative commons and free use resources to enhance your projects. Resources consist of 3D models, music, stock photos, video clips, and more.

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Project Software

Download free and open source software so that you can create your projects without an associated cost. Software includes audio editing, 3D modelling, augmented reality, image editing, programming, and more.

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