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Indigenous Studies: Secondary Sources - Aboriginal Law

About Secondary Legal Research Sources

  • Books, e-books, law reports, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and journal articles are considered secondary legal sources. They often provide valuable contextual information.
  • Consult these secondary legal resources for clarification of terms and concepts as well as explanations of the law and how it is interpreted.
  • Beginning your research with secondary sources can be useful in pointing out relevant cases and legislation.
  • Secondary sources, written by legal experts, provide useful analysis of a laws scope and impact.

Encyclopedias - Aboriginal Law

Dictionaries - Aboriginal Law

Books, Reports, Handbooks - Aboriginal Law

Journals - Aboriginal Law

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Legal Research Tip

Start by consulting secondary sources (e.g, books, journal articles, encyclopedias). These sources contain broad overviews or explanations of the law and will direct you to specific primary sources  (e.g, legislation, case law, etc.).