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Part Four of the University of Lethbridge Library Access Policy


  • 8.1 The University Library provides access to resources of other institutions as such access is required to support the academic mandate of the University of Lethbridge.
  • 8.2 Resources obtained from lending institutions are subject to the loan policies/contracts established by those institutions as well as the provisions of this Access Policy.


  • 9.1 General
    • 9.1.1 Interlibrary loan service is a privilege accorded to those libraries who conform to interlibrary loan codes outlining the terms and conditions of sharing materials. The University of Lethbridge Library conforms to the Canadian Library Association and the American Library Association interlibrary loan codes.
    • 9.1.2 Interlibrary loan service is offered according to the provisions of Schedule 1, or as authorized by the University Librarian. 9.1.3 The University Library reserves the right to limit the number of processed requests during busy periods.

  • 9.2 Responsibilities of the Borrower
    • 9.2.1 Individuals may request items required for study and/or research that are not available in the University Library.
    • 9.2.2 Individuals are responsible for the safe return of items borrowed through interlibrary loan.
    • 9.2.3 Individuals are responsible for returning items borrowed through interlibrary loan by the date due specified at the time of borrowing.
    • 9.2.4 Individuals are responsible for all costs assessed by the lending institution for lost, damaged or overdue materials.
    • 9.2.5 Individuals requesting specialized delivery services will be assessed a fee to cover these costs.
    • 9.2.6 Photocopied or digitally copies of materials obtained on interlibrary loan become the property of the individual requesting the material.

  • 9.3 Quota
    • 9.3.1 Fully subsidized interlibrary loans are provided according to a quota system.
    • 9.3.2 For filled requests which exceed the per user quota, the Library will charge back to the individual requester the average lending library fee.
    • 9.3.3 Each year the University Library will recommend a basic quota, referred to as "Q", and the average lending fee. This recommendation is determined by:
      • a) the resources available in the current budget,
      • b) the average lending library fee in the previous fiscal year, and
      • c) an estimate of the number of users in each category.

  • 9.4 Special Needs
    • 9.4.1 Individuals entitled to make application for Special Needs Quota, as provided for in Schedule 1, may have their application granted on the following basis:
      • (a) New Faculty: A faculty member who joined the University within the previous 12 month period is eligible for the Special Needs Quota for the year.
      • (b) New Courses: A faculty member who receives a new teaching assignment is eligible for the Special Needs Quota in that year.
      • (c) Thesis Requirement: A graduate student who is beginning research for his/her thesis or creative project is eligible for the Special Needs Quota during any one year of the program.
      • (d) Study Leave: A faculty member who has been granted a Study Leave is eligible for the Special Needs Quota in that year.
    • 9.4.2 Individuals applying for the Special Needs Quota should identify themselves to the University Librarian by April 15 of the fiscal year they require the Special Needs Quota.

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