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Philosophy: Articles

This guide introduces you to some resources you may find useful while researching topics in Philosophy.

Quick Search Tips

  • Choose a database that publishes articles relevant to the subject you are researching by selecting "Find Articles" and then "Databases by subject". A list of subject offerings appear and each link corresponds to a list of suggested databases


  • Consult the help section available on a given electronic database to understand its features and to get search tips for that specific database.


  • Specify limiters before you enter search terms. For example: check off "Scholarly Peer Reviewed" or specify "English" as a preferred language in the advanced search screen.


  • If you are finding too many results, your search terms might be too broad. Search the databases "thesaurus" or "subject term" section to find the language used within the database for your search topic


  • If your searches are producing too few results, your search terms might be too narrow. Replace one or more of your search terms with broader terms and see what happens


  • Search for "Subject terms" or find the "Thesaurus" to find the right terms to put in the search box


  • Use the citations listed in bibliographies of useful articles to find more articles for your research paper

Getting Started


1. The first step is to open University of Lethbridge Library and click Find Articles

Step 1 image

2. Click Databases By Subject 

Step 2 image

3. Click Philosophy

Step 3 image

4. To learn what is in the database click the arrow

Step 4 image

5. Click the title of the database to access it.

Step 5 image

6. Type your search term(s)

Step 6 image

7. Click Search

Step 7 image

8. View your results.

Step 8 image

9. If needed you can Refine Results using the tools on the side.

Step 9 image

10. If you have any questions click AskUs! to contact your University of Lethbridge Library

Step 10 image

Here's an interactive tutorial

Find Articles: Understanding citations

The most important tool for searching for journal articles is a given article's CITATION. This gives you the source information needed to retrieve an article. A citation usually follows this basic format:

*Square parentheses denote optional feild

Author last name, Author initial(s). [and Author initial(s). Author last name] . Year of publication. Article title. Journal Title volume number (issue number): Page span

For example:

Bex, F. and Verheij, B. 2012. Solving a murder case by asking critical questions: An approach to fact-finding in terms of argumentation and story schemes. Argumentation 26(3): 325-353.

The most effective way to search for an article if you have the citation is with a journal title search. To perform this search, go to the "Find Articles" tab on and then click on Journal Title Search. This will let you search for the journal, or the part of the citation that is italicized. When typing in the journal name, be sure to include all parts of the title; for example, if the journal title starts with "Journal of..", then include it in the search box. Also make sure to check for spelling errors. When you find the relevant journal title from this search and click on its link. A list appears that shows you how to access articles published in the journal from the library.

For example:

Journal of the History of Philosophy (0022-5053)

  • from 1963 to present in Project MUSE - Standard Collection - Provides access to all Journal of the History of Philosophy issues published from 1963
  • from 10/01/1963 to 10/31/1995 in PAO Collection 2 - Provides access to Journal of the History of Philosophy issues published from October 1, 1963 to October 31, 1995
  • from PAPER: v. 6, 1968+ MFILM: v. 1-5, 1963-1967; INTERNET: v. 1, 1963+ to present in University of Lethbridge Journal Holdings - Provides access to all Journal of the History of Philosophy issues published from v. 1, 1963 in a variety of formats. Clicking "University of Lethbridge Journal Holdings" allows you to find the call number and locations for physical copies of specific issues. Current Serials (Level 10) contains the most recent issues in print format, older print issues from v. 6, 1968 forward are found in the UofL Main Collection (Level 9), and v. 1-5, 1963-1968 are also available in the Microform Collection (Level 11).  Clicking "access the journal online (U of L users only)" takes you to Project Muse which contains the full-text of all published issues.

Find Articles: General

Select printed and electronic indexes/databases covering Philosophy from the Philosophy Indexes/Databases page.

Alternatively, you may wish to browse an alphabetical list of the Library's printed and electronic Journal Indexes/Databases covering all subject areas of the University of Lethbridge curriculum. Some of these indexes and databases cover not only journal articles, but book chapters, government documents, and conference proceedings as well.

Note that some, but not all, journal Indexes/Databases contain the full-text of journal articles in addition to article citations. For example: