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A University of Lethbridge Library guide to International Management research and resources.

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What's in this Guide?

This guide is intended to provide an introduction to resources available from the University of Lethbridge Library in the area of International Management.  It is a guide to get you started; there are many more resources available, so this is just a jumping-off point for your research.  If you require more help finding resources, please visit the Research Help Desk on level 10 of the Library, or please contact Sheilah Ayers — liaison librarian for the Dhillon School of Business.

Step-by-Step Strategy for International Business Research

1. Get an overview of the country using country profile reports.

2. Look at economic forecast and country risk reports to understand the economic outlook for that country.

3. Look at "doing business in" reports to obtain regulatory information.

4. Look at industry information for that particular industry/region.

5. Look for articles in library databases to update and augment the research so far.

6. Track all of your sources to avoid plagiarism and cite correctly.


Here are a list of resources that will help you get started on your research:

BBC Business News

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