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GIS & Spatial Data: Municipal Data (Lethbridge & Region)

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Spatial Data resources available via the University of Lethbridge Library.

City of Lethbridge [Restricted License Students & Faculty]


NOTE: New City of Lethbridge spatial data is only accessible from the City of Lethbridge Open Data Catalogue. Their site uses an active connect to a public geodatabase to ensure that the most current data is available.

City of Calgary [Restricted License U of L Students & Faculty Only]

Note: The City of Calgary requires a signed data release agreement for these files.

Southern Alberta Aerial Imagery -- 2012, 2015 & 2018 (Data Provider = AMDSP)

City of Lethbridge & Region [Non-Restricted]

University of Lethbridge Campus

U. of Lethbridge Library Historical Digitized Air Photos - City of Lethbridge & Region [Non-Restricted]

Historical Digitized Fire Insurance Plans [Partial Non-Restricted]

City of Calgary, City of Edmonton, and Other Alberta Open Data Portals