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Religious Studies: Christianity: Books and e-Books

Religious Studies Guides

Finding books in the library

The library's catalogue provides access to the collections in our library.  This includes books, as well as audiovisual materials, government documents, microforms, and electronic resources. You can search the library catalogue for specific titles, works by a particular author, or on a specific subject.

Subject Headings are terms assigned to each item to describe its content, using a set of standards that is applied to all items in the catalogue. Below are a few of the standard subject headings used to describe content in the Christianity area of religious studies:


Apocryphal Books - New Testament

Bible - Criticism, interpretation etc.

Catholic Church Doctrines

Church History

Bible - N.T.

Orthodox Eastern Church



Notice all of the sub-headings beneath the major subject terms which allow you to get more and more specific in terms of topic or geographic location.

These same terms (and more) will work as keyword searches, but you will get many more (and possibly irrelevant) results using a keyword search. Try both and take it from there. If you search any term in the 'subject' field, the catalogue will try to suggest related subjects for you to try, as well as more sub-categories of the subject. Of course, if you know the title or author of a book, you can search the catalogue using those fields as well.

You can also do an 'advanced keyword search' and restrict the 'material type' to limit your search to e-books only.

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