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Films & Videos: Creating a Profile

The University of Lethbridge Library has a wide selection of films on multiple formats which are available for check out or streaming online! Use this guide for help with searching for films using the library catalogue.

Creating a profile

Creating a personal profile through the NFB website can allow you to access features such as chaptering, playlist creation and study guides.

To begin you need to create an individual account if you don't already have one.


Once you have created a personal account you then need to connect your individual account to CAMPUS. Do so by following this link and entering "University of Lethbridge" into the search box. Select from the list and click "continue."


You can now access additional features and content available only through CAMPUS.

Our subscription offers two separate levels of access to CAMPUS, one for students and one for educators.

  1. Students can access thousands of films and other media simply by going to while using any school computer for which you have provided the IP address. Additionally, students have access to playlists and chapters, created and shared by an educator, while using any computer at home or school.
  2. Educators can access everything that students do, as well as all the tools and resources that make CAMPUS unique. To get access to these features, your educators will need to activate their individual accounts. They can activate their accounts by following this link.

Every year our NFB CAMPUS subscription requires a new activation key.  Please note that the NFB database description and individual CAMPUS film records have been updated with the new key.  Users who have accounts will simply need to use that link and everything should work as expected.  New users will create an account using that link and they will be recognized as an authorized user.   If they don’t connect through the new link (token) they will be presented with an error screen indicating that they do not have access to these films, but they may purchase access. 

Library Help

Research Help Desk

During the Research Help Desk open hours, you can Ask Us a question via IM, email, or text message.

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Phone: 403-329-2263
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