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Films & Videos: Formats & Technology

The University of Lethbridge Library has a wide selection of films on multiple formats which are available for check out or streaming online! Use this guide for help with searching for films using the library catalogue.

Film/Video Formats

Below is a brief description of the various formats available through the University of Lethbridge Library. 

The media collection is organized by 1) format and 2) call number. 

The catalogue entry will contain information about the the format of the film and you will easily recognize the format in the call number for the item. DVDs and Blu-ray discs are filed together as one format and thier call numbers will all end in DVD. Pay attention to the catalogue details about the item to determine if Blu-ray is the sole format of the film.

DVD  (digital video or versatile disc) format has been a popular digital format for storing audio and visual data.


Blu-ray was named for the blue laser used to read the disc. This digital format allows video and audio data to be stored with greater definition than on DVD.


Web streaming
is available through the National Film Board of Canada, Films on Demand, and select databases. By logging in to your University of Lethbridge library account you can access this video content from wherever there is adequate internet access.

DVD players

You can watch DVDs in the library at stations like this, located behind the Media Collection. Need headphones? They are available for $4 from the General Services Desk.

Portable Blu-ray & DVD players

We also have DVD and Blu-Ray players on carts which can be transported into classrooms.

Library Help

Research Help Desk

During the Research Help Desk open hours, you can Ask Us a question via IM, email, or text message.

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