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Librarian Job Offer Negotiation Resources: Our Research

Collection of resources for Librarians negotiating employment offers. While the focus is on academic libraries, anyone interested in job offer negotiation can make use of the resources.

Politics of Libraries III Presentation

Library Land Loves Interview with Emma & Paula

OLA Super Conference 2019

We presented this session at OLA Super Conference 2019 - thank you to everyone who attended!

Our article has been published!

We conducted a survey to better understand the negotiating behaviours of Canadian academic librarians and archivists. Invitations were sent out via CAUT, CAPAL, OCULA and (big thanks to those who helped us distribute it!).  It will be published in the June issue of the Partnership journal.

Thank you to everyone who has participated - we really appreciate it!

Our OLA Presentation

Here's a link to the slideshow from our OLA presentation!